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It's time to release the Kraken.

A unique and challenging Legend of Mir experience, created with passion and shaped by the community.

Get started

Jump straight into the land of Mir with Kraken

A few quick steps to get you up and running.

Download the launcher
Download the Launcher

The first step is to download the launcher.

Run the launcher
Extract and Run

Next, extract the launcher to your desired location and run the application.

Join the Discord
Join the Discord

Whilst Kraken is downloading, why not join our Discord community.

Join the Discord
Create and Play

After launching the game, create an account and jump in!

Key features
Just a few of features that makes our experience unique.
Regular Updates

Keeping our experience relevant.

Constant Development

Adding new features.

Great Community

Surrounded by passionate players.


Having the ability to socket items with runes dropped throughout the world.

Champion Monsters

Random champion monsters with better rewards.


Gain fame by doing quests to increase your renown.


Gain honour when engaging in PvP. Spend your honour points on rewards.


After reaching level cap, increase your strength by continuing to level hermits.

Daily Quests

Quests that are reset daily, closely linking into the Fame system.

Companion Filter

An advanced companion filter, for that extra control.

Profession System

A complex and in depth crafting system, unique to Mir.

Group Dialog

See your group members vitals and target them easily.

Pet Dialog

See your pets vitals and target them easily.


Gain server first achievements and titles to show off to all.

The Atlas

Quickly and easily lookup items, monsters and achievements.

Charm System

Use unique sets of charms to vary play styles

Accessory Refining

Refine accessories to increase stats, watch out as they have a chance to break!

Guild Levelling System

Work together to earn amazing guild perks!


Dynamic repeatable content from level 25!